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female hair loss

Women’s Hair Transplants

There are a number of reasons women seek to undergo surgical hair transplants, but the most common is to restore the density of hair that they have lost as a result of Female Pattern Hair Loss. Women’s hair transplants are very effective procedures for achieving lasting results and restoring your hair to the way it once was! Studies have shown that around 55% of women will experience some form of hair loss throughout their lives. Just because it’s a natural process in life, doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it!


My Hair MD will evaluate your hair loss pattern and if there are no other causes of hair loss diagnosed, the only treatment available would be a surgical hair transplant. In female pattern balding it is most common to see progressive thinning in the center of the scalp.

Female Hair Loss

Women suffer hair loss for a variety of reasons. Sometimes caused by pregnancy, hormone imbalances, and emotional or physical stress. While others experience side effects of autoimmune disorders or other medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Balding in women can also be hereditary, similar to male pattern baldness. The most common thinning in women is along the centerline of their heads. Other common balding areas are recessed hairlines and traction alopecia (caused by tight braids and extensions). Needless to say, the psychological impact of balding for women is painful and often women have nowhere to turn for solutions.


My Hair MD has completed hundreds of successful women’s hair transplants and we have helped these ladies get back to living a more confident lifestyle. After a successful procedure, women’s appearances, esteem, and self-confidence are drastically improved.

Hair transplant
Mini FUE

Female Hair Transplant Patient

This female patient had the sides and top of her head restored. Notice that it’s a very natural look and a significant improvement in growth and fullness. These are results that you can achieve, but the first step is booking a consultation so that the cause of your hair loss can be diagnosed. Restoring your natural hairline isn’t all about cosmetics, it’s so you can feel like yourself again. Having a full head of hair allows you to be confident in the way you look, and feel your best.


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