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Dr. Chao has been performing hair restoration procedures exclusively since 2004 and is nationally recognized for his work in cosmetic hair surgery.  Specializing in both FUE and FUT transplant procedures, we use the latest practices and technologies to provide individual treatment solutions tailored to your existing hairline and appearance outcome goals. 



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Our offices combine technological advancements in procedures with years of experience and expertise to deliver premium hair restoration solutions to our patients.  In addition to men’s hairline restorative procedures, we also provide enhancement solutions for facial hair, women’s hairlines, eyebrows, and scalp micropigmentation.

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Our reputation and 5-star reviews speak to the craftsmanship of work and dedication to each patient’s lifetime satisfaction that our offices strive to deliver.  How can we help you?

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Philip BardowellPhilip Bardowell
04:42 13 Apr 24
I have been looking for a place to undergo an FUE treatment for some time now. I was at the point where I was considering traveling to a foreign country that customarily does these treatments at more affordable prices....then I found MY Hair MD in Oceanside, CA. I scheduled a consult with Dan, who is the owner of the company. He was honest, straightforward, flexible, and accessible after the consult. He answered all my questions and concerns and I scheduled my procedure at a price that was comparable to what it would have cost me to travel to another country for the same procedure. On the day of my procedure, I met with Todd, the medical director, and he could not have been more professional and personable. I then met with Dr. Chao who is simply a gem and a very skilled MD with years of experience in the field. In addition to being extremely competent, he is a sweet and kind man who takes his time to answer all questions and concerns. (He is also a musician, so we listened to some cool music during the procedure that I opted for instead of watching Netflix, which they also offer). To top it off, they provided a delicious lunch that I was able to order off a menu prior to getting started. The nursing staff (Melissa and Sylvia) were top notch and extremely professional, competent, and personable. After years of contemplating the procedure, I am glad that I finally found My Hair MD. I am very pleased and grateful for such a wonderful experience all around. Look no further than My Hair MD if you need an FUE treatment. There is no need block out days from your busy life to travel to Turkey or Tijuana. You can receive a quality procedure at an affordable price right here in Southern CA.
David RamirezDavid Ramirez
05:18 07 Mar 24
Loved dealing with Laura, being a very competent market she out did my other choice and was always following up for months until I finally went with her company
06:02 20 Feb 24
Amazing staff from the front desk to all nurses at the back. They were very straightforward, honest, and polite. I am so impressed with the superior treatment that I received that I am speechless. I do have one regret that I should have done it sooner.” Dr. Chao was awesome and made the process comfortable and easy. Most importantly, Doctor Chao and Laura followed up on the progress after completion.The team and Dr. Chao is first-class all the way, and I would highly recommend MyHairMD to anyone who needs a hair transplant.VIETNAMESEGreat staff from the front desk to all the nurses in the back. They are very simple, honest and polite. I was so impressed with the outstanding treatment I received that I didn't say. I have one regret that I should have done sooner. “Dr. Chao was wonderful and made the process comfortable and easy. Most importantly, Dr. Chao and Laura monitor progress after completion.The team and Dr. Chao are first class all the way, and I would highly recommend MyHairMD to anyone in need of a hair transplant.
Elliot GilsdorfElliot Gilsdorf
18:28 12 Feb 24
Where do I start? After having done my own research about hair transplants and the process, as well as having other consultations with other Surgeons, I strongly gravitated towards My Hair MD. Right off the bat Laura Haiby, who performed my virtual consultation, was so personable and infomative when she answered all my questions, alleviated my concerns, and guided me towards what we both concluded would be my best approach to tackling my transplant all based off of emailed photos of where my recession and loss was. Yes! She's that good. After having confirmed my appointment, Laura called me a few days prior on what is to be expected for pre-op, the operation itself, and post-op. She, again, alleviated my concerns with reassurance and confidence. I intially met with Todd, the Medical Services Director, in office on the day of my procedure, who he himself has utilized the services of My Hair MD, which strongly confirmed that I made the right decision with choosing this Team of professionals. We went over the formalities (paperwork, payment, etc.), and then began the process of outlining where my hairline and grafts would go. I then met with Dr. Chao, the Surgeon himself, who confirmed everything Laura and I had discussed including my ultimate goals of what I was trying to achieve. He had great bedside manner and complete confidence. I met the rest of the Team who were completley down to earth with great bedside manner. They attended to all my needs by bringing me water, ordering my lunch, medication administration, blankets, the hands on side of the procedure itself, and just good plain genuine conversation during my procedure. I experienced zero pain, outside of the anesthetic that was injected into my scalp, however, they go above and beyond to minimize that minor discomfort by adding vibrating stimulation during those injections. I was also given, based on standards of care and my request, a sedative to calm my nerves and anxiety which added more comfort to the whole process. What also impressesed me was that My Hair MD didnt treat my experience exclusivly as just "another medical cosmetic procedure" but also as a pampering pleasure. They sent me home with a "doggy-bag" of necessary medications and a leaflet on post-op education and instruction. On day 1 of post-op, the office was closed, however, I received an email, first thing in the morning, from Dr. Chao checking in on me as well as a phone call from Laura doing the same. On day 3 post-op, I received another phone call from Laura to check in on me and to reiterate post-op care and instruction. She reassured me to contact her for anything. I am optimistic and looking forward to the final results.I highly recommend this great Team of professionals. I felt I was in really good care which they don't take for granted. They are passionate, confident, experienced, and professional. They aren't a multi faceted cosmetic group that does a little bit of everything. They are exclusively all about Hair with 20 years of experience. That is their speciality, which is what makes them really good at their craft. I highly recommend this Team for your Hair Transplant needs.
17:56 10 Feb 24
MyHairMD was a Joy to work with. Laura walked me through the process by hand including post op.Laura has been amazing(and still is......She Rocks!Dr. Ron Chao was amazing!Todd was fantastic!Lastly, their other support staff is equally amazing!With heartfelt thanks and gratitude......Darin F
Shelly MorrisShelly Morris
21:46 15 Jan 24
I was recommended to MyHairMD by a nurse that had gone through the procedure herself. She only had positive things to say and was happy with her personal results. With that in mind, I reached out to MyHairMD and right away Laura responded to my questions and got me started on a consultation. Laura gave helpful information and was reassuring as I set a date for my surgery. On the day of surgery I arrived to the office and found it clean and orderly. Todd and staff were ready for me and helped calm my nerves by talking me through the procedure. I also met with Dr. Chao before the surgery and he competently answered all my questions. The staff took excellent care of me through out the surgery. I didn't have pain, but my head did feel heavy pressure for several days. I also had some swelling, but it only lasted for five days. Laura was so kind to call me a couple of times the following week to check on my healing progress. She was awesome!It's only been a month since my surgery- too soon to see the results of the grafts, but I'm optimistic. Overall, I'm pleased with how smoothly the procedure went and would highly recommend MyHairMd to everyone!
Michael CrawfordMichael Crawford
05:35 14 May 21
I had shopped around different hair restoration places for about a year and I always had a sense that the doctor was trying to sell me the most expensive procedure along with a bunch of expensive products to go along with the procedure. After my consultation with Todd I knew that 'My Hair Transplant MD' was a different type of company. After going over how many grafts I needed and the type of procedure I was going to get (FUT), I scheduled a time to come in and finally get my hair back. The day of the procedure went as smooth as possible. I had got into the office about 10am, filled out paperwork, then I worked with Dr. Garbutt to structure my hairline. Once my hairline was complete, I was put to sleep. They woke me up for a good Mediterranean lunch, then shortly after I went back to sleep and woke up around 6pm and they were done. Besides getting numbed (which isn't that bad), the process was painless. A week later I came back to get my stitches out, (which is only because I got an FUT opposed to FUE) Todd assured me, all I had to do now is wait for the hair to grow.... and boy did it grow fast. They gave me an expectation that full results will appear in a years time. The before pictures of me in the gown are right before my procedure was done at the office and the second before picture was right after the procedure was done after I cut the rest of my hair off. The after pictures I have posted are only 5 months after the procedure! My hair is only getting thicker and fuller. I cannot thank Todd & Dr. Garbutt enough, I am beyond satisfied with my investment so far, and there is still more to go!
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